The Value of Praise

What’s the value of praise? Only everything! Think of praise as the very foundation of life; it’s required in order for someone to grow effectively and with consistency and momentum. It’s the reason someone goes from being frightened or unwilling to engaged and prepared. Being served a daily dose of praise helps to feed a person’s soul and taking it in enhances every good thing already growing there. Praise is free to give and free to take. It’s a simple way for you both to share your positive feelings. Take note that false praise is almost as dangerous as the real deal is essential. It can lead people to believe untruths and then can set those people on a life’s road to misery. Don’t tell your child he is the best at anything because he isn’t. Don’t try to ease a bruised ego with a fib masked as praise because before long he will learn the painful truth and it will hurt even more. And worse – he may never believe you again. Honor the trust you currently share and compliment only when it is due. Teach him that truth is best; even when it’s not exactly what you want to hear!

Have a great week!

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Posted on May 7th, by Barbara Evoy in From the Blog Featured.

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