The Innovator

I read something that really caught my eye the other day. It said that innovators are meant to build the stage, not to perform on it. So true! There are people for every role and a role for every person at home and in the work place. To be creative, to dream up the next new idea or to reach for the ‘as of yet unheard of heights’, is what an innovator does. They imagine and then they establish. Someone told me that any good business requires builders, climbers and settlers. The builder researches the information based on previous routes and journeys and then decides the next path the team should take. After a meeting of the collective minds, the climbers take the team to the next level using the builders’ concepts as a map. And the settlers establish a safe and effective landing spot for all once they arrive. If there’s going to be a place of concern or uncertainty for many employees, it’s in figuring out which skills suit them best and then in ensuring it’s the role they’re expected to fill. Know your character and know your future in order to know balance in life and at work. Have a great week ahead!

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Posted on February 23rd, by Barbara Evoy in From The Blog - Archive.

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