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Facing the Facts

How do we face the facts? Is it subjective to each person and situation? Is it a skill or a habit to be able to deny reality? Are we better off to face the facts than to hide in our collective shells pretending there’s no problem? I see people every day who are perfectly willing and often excited about facing good facts if they include money, a job promotion, or a new love relationship.… more..

The Value of Praise

What’s the value of praise? Only everything! Think of praise as the very foundation of life; it’s required in order for someone to grow effectively and with consistency and momentum. It’s the reason someone goes from being frightened or unwilling to engaged and prepared. Being served a daily dose of praise helps to feed a person’s soul and taking it in enhances every good thing already growing there.… more..


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My ultimate freedom lies in my right to choose my own attitude. B. Lustgarten-Evoy