Facing the Facts

How do we face the facts? Is it subjective to each person and situation? Is it a skill or a habit to be able to deny reality? Are we better off to face the facts than to hide in our collective shells pretending there’s no problem? I see people every day who are perfectly willing and often excited about facing good facts if they include money, a job promotion, or a new love relationship. These scenarios are usually embraced with wide arms and an open heart (and closed eyes but that’s a different topic!). So why won’t we face facts when it seems too hard or too scary to do so? Because we are hardwired to know fear. And that fear often rules our behaviors. If we can survive (thriving isn’t even an option at this point) than that’s exactly what most people will choose to do. But it’s dangerous and costly and can become a habitual way of living. I guess the tough question is, when is it ok to dream and when does it become necessary to stop dreaming and start dealing? The short answer for today’s question folks is – there is no answer! It’s all up to you – every time.

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Posted on May 18th, by Barbara Evoy in From the Blog Featured.

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