Conflict Resolution Styles

There are many styles used with reference to conflict resolution. Some are easier, some are more popular and some may seem a little farfetched but the recognition that many styles exist simply can’t be disputed. Let’s take a look – there’s the Direct or Controlling method. You know- it’s the “mine is the only right answer” kind of approach. There’s the Collaborative style which looks like sitting down and talking things through. There’s the Compromise style, which includes each party giving and taking a little bit until both sides are satisfied. And then there’s the Accommodating style. This one often sees someone saying ‘take what you need to make yourself happy; I’m going to be good with it either way.” There’s the Avoiding or Denying style wherein one or both parties decide to just skip the matter all together and to pretend it never happened and finally, there’s the Appealing to a Different/Higher Authority style. This one is about people turning to someone else to solve the problem at hand. So which one seemed like you? And are you interested in finding or creating a method that may be better suited to you and your needs? If change is needed – then change!  Have a great week!

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Posted on March 17th, by Barbara Evoy in From The Blog - Archive.

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