What people have to say about WithBarbara

IMG_0801 Barbara did in three hours, what we had been working on for years! She was informative, organized and an essential piece in helping us to increase profitability, communication and professionalism within our workspace. She speaks with respect, experience and kindness and we are definitely planning to sign up for the ‘series’ next! Reina Todd and Jeanette Feniak Owners: Van Gali’s Restaurant and B & B Barb is able to cover a broad range of information based on her education, training and personal experiences.  She is easy to understand and her sessions are very interactive, providing participants with ample opportunities for clarification through question and answer.  Barb makes everything fun and provides tools which allow the learner to take the information home and apply it Scott O. Stetson, Foster Care Trainer Region 4 Child and Family Services Authority Alberta Human Services IMG_0799 I saw you speak a while ago and so I made sure I went again the next time you were near our community because I enjoyed listening to you so much.  I learned that I am indeed on the right track but to have been given so much assistance on how to execute things and the confidence to know I am doing ok, was one of the things I appreciated most.  I look forward to seeing you again next time you are in town.” Tanya St. Onge Workshop Attendee   I love listening to “A Moment with Barbara”! She always goes straight to the point and I learn something new every time I tune in. It has become my favourite way to start my day because there is always such a sense of energy and enthusiasm. Thanks for inspiring me and so many others! Sheila Lowry www.imagesbysheila.ca